miércoles, 23 de julio de 2008

[EN] First post!

Hi, this is the first post of a blog that is intended to teach you how to write your own library to interact with the MSN Messenger network, the reasons behind this blog are:

  • Someone asked me by mail to help him to build a library on a language that I don't know
  • Help to document this protocol
  • Help you to learn how to code network stuff
  • Help me improve my german (I will provide german translations, I hope that some german will help me correct my horrors :D)
  • Help people that want to help emesene (my other project www.emesene.org)
  • maybe get some cents through adsense :P
The examples will be provided in python, it's a clean language and can be read even if you don't know it (someone says it's interpreted pseudocode :P)

I hope that you follow this blog and provide implementations in your favourite language!

see the comment link? use it, it's helpful :P

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